(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. cap, headgear, bonnet; headdress; derby, bowler; turban, cloche. See clothing.
- pass the hat
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. headgear, cap, millinery, headpiece, helmet, chapeau, bonnet, lid*, roof*, bean pod*; see also helmet .
Types of hats and hatlike coverings include: for men : cap, service cap, forage cap, baseball cap, visor, beanie, skullcap, yarmulke, kipa, overseas cap, derby, straw hat, Panama hat, felt hat, sombrero, cowboy's hat, Stetson, southwestern, ten-gallon hat, top hat, opera hat, crush hat, stovepipe, tall silk hat, collapsible, topper, miter, bowler, leghorn, tam-o'-shanter, beret, cocked hat, tricornered hat, sailor hat, boater, digger, bycocket, fez, turban, shako, kepi, bearskin, coonskin, tarboosh, toque, busby, sun helmet, pith helmet, mortarboard, soft-brimmed hat, fedora, homburg, deerstalker, domino; for women : hood, wimple, snood, cowl, kerchief, picture hat, mantilla, turban, veil, cloche, calot, straw, skimmer, beret, bandanna, toque, mobcap, Talbot, bonnet, poke bonnet, Louise Bourbon, Princesse Eugénie, Descat, pillbox, Gainsborough, scarf, chapel cap, whimsey, babushka.
pass the hat,
Syn. take up a collection, gather funds, collect; see accumulate 1 ,
take one's hat off to,
Syn. salute, cheer, congratulate; see praise 1 .
talk through one's hat*,
Syn. chatter, talk nonsense, make foolish statements; see babble .
throw one's hat into the ring,
Syn. enter a contest, run for office, enter politics; see campaign 1 .
under one's hat*,
Syn. confidential, private, hidden; see secret 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
cap, chapeau, headgear, headdress, *lid.
Australian cowboy hat with brim turned up on one side: bush hat
bejeweled, decorated skullcap for evening wear, weddings: Juliet
beret with pompom in the middle: tam, tamo-shanter
bowler: derby
box: bandbox
brimless, round, small hat of 1920s: pillbox
collapsible opera hat: gibus
cowboy: Stetson, ten-gallon hat
Crockett’s, Davy: coonskin cap
derby: bowler
French Foreign Legion cap with havelock: kepi, Legionnaire’s
graduate’s square with tassel: mortarboard
high-domed hat worn by English police: bobby
high-domed hat worn by polo players: chukka
Jewish embroidered skullcap: yarmulka
knitted winter hat: watch cap
knitted winter hat with a long tail sometimes fitted with pompom: stocking cap
marching band’s tall hat with feather cockade: shako
Mexican broad hat made of straw or felt: sombrero
pancakelike cap: beret, tam
pith helmet: topee
scarf wound around head: turban
Scottish Highland Military’s creased cloth cap with badge and black ribbons: glengarry
seventeenth-century tall black hat, silver buckle: Puritan
Sherlock Holmes’s tweed hat: deerstalker
snap-brim hat with low, flat crown: porkpie
snap-brim hat with puffed crown: newsboy
soft, domelike hat pulled down over forehead, for women: cloche
soft, felt hat creased down middle of crown: fedora, homburg
soft hat that can be crushed, carried in pocket: crusher
stovepipelike hat with tall crown, silky finish: top hat
straw hat, man’s: Panama
straw hat with oval crown: boater, picture hat
straw, parasol-like hat worn by Chinese: coolie
straw, yellow and broad: leghorn
tall, fur hat worn by British army: busby
three-cornered: tricorne
Turkish hat shaped like truncated cone, decorated with tassel: fez
World War II folding dress cap, olive or khaki-colored: garrison cap
see cap

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